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Button has been in the care of SMBC and his angel foster mom Angie for five months. He has steadily but slowly improved. In October Dr. Strunk judged him ready for his vaccinations. He is off most medications. only Zyrtec for allergy, twice weekly baths and ear drops. His eyes still need daily lubrication but will improve once he has entropian surgery. He is now ready for neutering and the very needed entropian surgery to help his eyes heal.

These surgeries are estimated to still cost us $425.00. We have spent $1425.00 on his care thus far and he is SO much better. Button is discovering home life – hates the vacuum, would prefer I not use the coffee grinder, KNOWS where the dog food is and has a favorite blanket. He loves to run from the bathtub to his futon and blanket and rub all over it and grunt and groan! Now that the weather is cooler and because his coat is the last thing to come back, Angie has gotten him this lovely red sweater which he loves.


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