Meet Cosmo.  He is a four year old neutered male, UTD on his shots and in excellent health. He is crate trained and housebroken. He is an owner surrender because the owner is having health problems.  Cosmo is an energetic, active, curious and competitive Bullie.  He needs a home with a family who understand that Cosmo needs structure in his life.  Cosmo must have a strong ALPHA in his home. His family must not give in to him when he misbehaves. Cosmo needs his family to lay down hard and fast rules and stick by them. Cosmo loves not being in charge though. He came into foster care an angry, aggressive, confused, anxious dog. Now, he is a sweet, funny, loveable, submissive dog.  We will consider only families with no small children and no frail, older folks as he still has the playful urge to jump on people. He can easily knock someone down.  Cosmo gets along great with cats. He loves other dogs and plays with them very well. He is very good and understanding the difference between a big, strong dog and a smaller, weaker dog. He plays very gently with little dogs; and he plays rough-and-tumble with bigger dogs.  He loves to play ball and will play to the point of exhaustion.  He eats twice a day and does well with Simply Nourish in Salmon and Sweet Potato. If  you are interested in adopting  Cosmo please fill out our application and call Mari DeCuir 865-688-2270.