This is Brock.  He is a two to three year old soon to be neutered male.  Brock was rescued from a shelter in middle Tennessee.  He was quite under weight and had some infections so the vet is waiting to get them cleared up before the neuter and shots.

Brock’s foster mom reports that he is the Sweetest !  He is thriving in his foster home environment. The family is working on house training and crate training. He enjoys a morning routine of going out to potty, coming in for meds and breakfast, another trip outside, then cuddle time and then a nap in his crate with the soft mat.  He loves to cuddle and loves to lay beside you in bed.  Brock also loves to go for a ride and once you ask him if he wants to go, you’d best be ready to leave because he gets impatient waiting. 

He loves to play, chase a tennis ball and grab and shake squeky toys. He is just a happy ham.  His foster family has several older children and a cat and he seems to be fine with both species !

If you are interested in adopting Brock please fill out our application and call mari Decuir at 865-688-2270.