Purchasing a Puppy

So you are interested in buying one of our very special breed – The Bulldog? Because you have already fallen in love with these “wrinkly little clowns” we want you to be knowledgeable about our breed and knowledgeable about what to expect from an ethical breeder.

For this reason we have included a section of questions to ask the breeder. If you get too many “no’s” or too many suspicious answers, you may be dealing with someone who is more interested in making money than in the welfare and improvement of the breed. A responsible breeder will adhere to a Code Of Ethics that has little to do with financial gain and everything to do with behaving responsibly toward every puppy they breed and the care and welfare of all Bulldogs.

Bullies can have health problems. Knowing what can happen before you buy can save you heartache later. You must be willing to accept the financial and emotional consequences of health problems that even the best breeding and pedigree cannot always control.

We urge you to talk to breeders and lovers of Bulldogs. You can do this by attending Bulldog Club of America Shows or A.K.C. Shows. We also encourage those of you who live in East Tennessee to attend our meetings and talk to our members. Our parent club, the B.C.A., has a breeder referral page to help you find B.C.A. members who breed. Please use all the resources below to help you select the best possible “Bullie for you” to bring home.

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Questions To Ask The Breeder Before Buying A Bulldog Puppy
Buying a Puppy Imported from outside the US
November 13, 2007: Gina Price Indicited in Puppy Buying Scam – (an East Tennessee puppy mill owner  indicited in Federal court)
A Bulldog Breeders Code of Ethics – Does the breeder comply with this code?
Bringing Your Puppy Home
Health Problems In Bulldogs
Breeder Referral