Buddy is a 6 to 7 year old owner surrender.  Buddy is  kind of a demanding, cranky, old curmudgeon.  He does not do well on steps and suffers from separation anxiety.  He has some house training issues (like a lot of older guys).   As he is an older Bullie he has trouble with steps, so a house with easy access to outside would be ideal and where someone would be with him most of the time and could let him go outside frequently.  We need a family who is willing to be patient with him and they will be rewarded with a sweet snuggle bunny of a Bullie.  Buddy loves his people, wants to be with them constantly and wants to sleep with a family member.  He does well with older children and would probably like it best if he were an only dog.  . He needs to be on a high quality, grain free, fish based protein dog food and will need medicated baths biweekly to keep his skin in good condition.

Buddy BowlChair Buddy&Darci Buddyfloor BuddyOutside