Smoky Mountains Bulldog (Club of America) Rescue

Smoky Mountains English Bulldog Rescue

"The lost I will seek out,
the strayed I will bring back,
the injured I will bind up and the sick I will heal,
shepherding them rightly."
--Ezekiel 34:14-16

To learn the difference between "English" Bulldogs and other bulldog breeds please go to:

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We post new dogs as soon as they are ready to be adopted.
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Smoky Mountain Bulldog Rescue is taking a break from rescue activities due to an upcoming surgery
for our primary volunteer.  We are referring anyone interested in adoting a English Bulldog to
Georgia English Bulldog Rescue.



Looking for a couch potato buddy?  Then meet Tuff.  His name tells his story.  He has had a tough life until now.  Tuff is an eight year old neutered male who was an owner surrender at an area shelter.  Tuff is a sweet, affectionate guy who  needs some attention and care.   He is housebroken, appears to know some obedience commands and learns quickly according to his foster mom.   He came to us Heartworm positive, with an ear infection, a weak back leg and serious visual  problems.   He has been treated  for  heartworm, his ear infection is clearing up and he gets daily eye medication.  He has some arthritis in his back legs which is being treated with Rimdyl.   He will always need  the Rimdyl and the eye medicine and his sight will always be impaired.   He would be best in a stable home where he could find his way around easily, a home with no or few steps would be a plus.  We recommend that his new family not have any young children that might startle him.  He does get along with other dogs as long as they are not too pushy.  Anyone interested in adopting this boy will need to give him time to adapt to his new home. If you are interested in adopting this sweet boy please fill out our application form  and call Mari DeCuir at 865-688-2270.

       Tuff Long      Tuff YumTuff in bunny ears                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          




The Bulldog Club of America has a rescue website with pictures of available rescues and an application page.Click here for a link.

The following are pictures of some of Bullies that we have rescued and are 

Rehomed and Happy

                                                                           Snow dogs
Murphy in the snowSully in the snowtoby in the snow  NigelSnow
  Murphy, Sully, Toby and Nigel enjoy the snow.

Lulabelle goes on a picnic...with her BFF Sierra

LB & Sierra  Wading   bff  Yum

"Pet Sitting" Rescue Style

                                Maddie and Drew                         Lindy has a secret

                                           Mattie and Lindy Pig all take their jobs as "sitters" very seriously....

Chester celebrates Christmas with his new family !!!
 This is rescue dog Chester with his family Jason and Krystal Pennington, Lily(the other Bulldog reindeer),
 Leonard the cat and Rachel the Rat (yes the rat in the Santa hat!)..

Christmas at Chester's

Chester was abandoned at the Johnson City, TN shelter with his right eye so badly damaged
that it had to be removed.  He was adopted by the Pennington's
and is a happy part of their lives.

November 2007.  Murphy cuddles with his new mom
Murphy and Cindy                close up of Murphy 

         Lucy and Lulu have all gone to forever homes

     Lulu   Lucy  

LilyBea helps with the yard work

                                                    Lilybhelps LulyB yard

BrunoBruno in 2005

This is Bruno. Bruno was an owner turn-in because of skin problems. He was diagnosed with demodex mange and yeast. He is treated with medication and medicated baths. His skin has cleared up and his hair has grown back. He quite a beautiful boy now and the "prince" in his new household which has four children and four dogs.




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