Smoky Mountains Bulldog Rescue

Thank you for being interested in adopting a Rescue Bulldog. Please understand that these procedures are in place for the benefit and protection of our Bullies. We want to be sure that each Rescue Bullie is placed in a home that is right for the animal and that the Bullie will not be looking for another home in a few months.

Please Note: Smoky Mountains Bulldog Rescue performs rescues in the East Tennessee general area (which sometimes includes portions of nearby states and Middle Tennessee). If you live outside of this area you should apply at the Bulldog Club of America National Rescue Page at

If you live in the general East Tennessee area after you have filled out your Mail-In Application Form and sent it to the address on the form or have filled out the On-Line Application Form and Submitted it, these are the procedures that we will be following in placing Bullies as they become available:

1. Applications are screened and filed for reference.
2. Rescue Bulldog becomes available. Bullie is treated as necessary by veterinarian, spayed or neutered as necessary and placed in temporary home.
3. Applications are checked for possible fit with Rescue Bulldog.
4. Phone calls are made to Applicants with closest fits to check that they are still interested.
5.  Contract is sent to Appllicant and time for home visit is arranged
6. The Bulldog is taken to the home and a home check is c ompleted.
7.If the Bulldog likes the family and the family likes the Bulldog the adoption is completed.
8. Adoptor pays an Adoption Fee (usually about $300.00) and signs Rescue Contract.
9. Adoptor is given contact sheet to call with questions, problems, etc. 
10. 2-6 months later follow up visit is paid to Rescue Bullie.