Smoky Mountains Bulldog Rescue

Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescue English Bulldog. The dogs available for adoption are screened for temperament and health. All dogs have been given their vaccinations, started on heartworm and flea preventative and have been spayed or neutered. Although, we cannot guarantee that there are no problems with the dogs in rescue, we have done our very best to assure that each dog adoption is a good candidate for a new family. We want our dogs and our adoption families to be happy with the placement.

The following application is very important to helping us make the perfect match between dog and new "parent". We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to turn down an application. By submitting application, you give us permission to contact references, to visit your home for screening purposes before you accept the dog, to visit your home for a followup after adoption and to share our finding with other rescue people or groups. 

FEE.  There will also be an Adoption Fee (usually it is $300.00 to $500.00--depending on the health and age of the dog) required that only partially covers the medical and other costs involved in rescue.

Please fill out this application completely, and then click on the Submit button at the bottom of the form.

Geographic Limitations: Smoky Mountains Bulldog Rescue performs rescues in the East Tennessee general area, (please see map below) which sometimes includes portions of nearby states and Middle Tennessee.


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What do you know about English Bulldogs? (temperament, health, medical requirements, housing requirements, personality, etc.)

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How will you let your English Bulldog go to the bathroom? (Fence, leash, let out, paper train, etc.)

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We require that all animals adopted from us be spayed/neutered. Do you have any questions or reservations about this policy? If yes, please explain.

Do you know about heartworm preventative and vaccinations?

What will you do if your Bulldog exhibits bad behavior? i.e.: being destructive, soiling the house, barking, etc.

Are you willing to give this pet time to adapt to his new environment and family members (at least 30 days)?
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Do you understand that this animal may not be housebroken and are you willing to take the time to work with this animal?

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By submitting this form, you are giving Smoky Mountains Bulldog Rescue permission to check with your vet and references. Please be aware that we may ask you to call your vet and give them verbal permission to share your records with us. In calling the vet, our sole purpose is to find out if current pets are up to date on vaccinations, heartworm preventative (where applicable) and if they are spayed/neutered. Clicking on the Submit Form button below indicates your serious intent to adopt a Bulldog through Smoky Mountains Bulldog Rescue.


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